CHOICES in Education Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship, review the eligibility requirements, and then fill out this electronic application. 

Take a moment to gather all your documents so you can complete the application at one time.

Information and documents required:

    • Be an enrolled member of a Tribe, or be an Alaska Native/American Indian living within the Chugachmiut service area
    • Submit a copy of your BIA Certificate, Tribal enrollment card, or any Tribal affiliation documentation
    • Registered in grades 8-12
    • Enrolled in an educational program within the Chugachmiut service area (school district, homeschool, charter school)
    • Provide parent or caregiver contact information. Parents/caregivers will be contacted to obtain approval for you to participate in the program and services.
    • If enrolling in a formal education program (college class, vo-tech), submit a FERPA release of information form naming Chugachmiut Education as the recipient of your education records. (This is sent from the program you are enrolled in.)
    • Submit a certification of completion upon completion of your program
    • Submit a short report how the class/program benefited you or your goals

Include in your application a personal statement of why participating in the CHOICES in Education program helps you with your career or academic goals.

The statement will answer these questions:

    1. What is your career and/or education goals?
    2. What steps are you planning and/or have taken to meet those goals?
    3. How will your participation in the Choices in Education program help you toward those goals?
    4. How will not being able to participate in the Choices in Education impact your goals?
    5. Please share the name and contact information of an adult that we can speak to who understands your goals and/or need in case we need to contact them. We will only contact them if we have more than 5 applicants for participation.

Your scholarship application and answers will not be shared outside of the education department.

When you are ready to start your application, click the “Start my application” button.

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