CHOICES in Education Catalog

The Chugachmiut CHOICES in Education (CIE) grant is an opportunity for support through partnered service vendors for students grades 8-12 living in the Chugachmiut service area.

Students can explore options in different programs ranging from tutoring support to language and culture classes as part of our vision to preserve our heritage. The CIE Scholarship can help pay for programs that enhance academic goals; career training, connectedness, cultural value, and life skills for youth in grades 8 thru 12.

Applications for CHOICES Scholarships are accepted year-round.

The scholarship application for services needs to be completed to participate in the any of the CIE services provided, and require proof of Tribal affiliation and residency in one of the 7 communities that Chugachmiut serves.

The number of scholarships given each year and the amount of each award varies, with a cap of $5,100 per school year.

Please note: CHOICES Scholarship applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the start of your desired program.

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CHOICES Service Providers

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Frontier Tutoring

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TABE Study & Test Fee

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AVTEC Application Fee

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