About Us

Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation logo in blue and white

Chugachmiut provides health, social services, education and training to the communities it serves.

Litnaurwik is one of the services and means ‘A Place of Learning.” Our work is guided by the Sugt’stun and Eyak cultural values:

Chugachmiut traditional values including cultural pride, sharing, teaching, language, respect, cooperation, and cultural pride. Each of these values are places around the cneter with the word Litnaurwil which means place of learning.

Our goals

Litnaurwik provides tools and resources for children’s educational success based upon community input. Our vision for growth includes:

  • Improve our infrastructure to meet the educational needs of Tribal members.
  • Expand educational programs with community input.
  • Build new partnerships to enhance educational services.
  • Continue to work with Alaska Pacific University and the four school districts within the Chugachmiut service area to increase student success.

Overview of Growth of Parent University