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Chugachmiut has received a multi-year grant called Accessing Choices in Education from the Office of Indian Education. The purpose of the grant is to team up with the school districts, parents/caregivers, and students to develop educational choices and services to improve academic success of Alaska Native and American Indian students.


  • Student success, confidence, and cultural connection are the highest priorities. With our partners, we will identify what services are needed that will support this.
  • Develop a comprehensive web portal of support for supplemental education services based on parent/caregiver and student choice.
    • Services to be determined through community conversations and surveys, and could include: tutoring, summer education programs, counseling services, cultural internships, Sugtā€™stun language, applying for college and financial aid, applying for apprenticeships programs, testing preparation, and after school programs. The selection of services will be based on the feedback from parents/caregivers and students.
  • Hire part-time parent liaisons in 4 communities who will assist parents/caregivers and students by providing information about the services and assisting with the online enrollment process to the educational web portal. People can also ask Chugachmiut Education for help accessing the web portal and all 7 communities will have access to the web portal.

We will be contacting parents/caregivers, students, and school districts within the Chugachmiut Service Area to help develop what educational choices we should be providing. We look forward to contacting folks to get the ball rolling!

What We Do

The Chugachmiut Education Department works with parents, elders, youth, teachers, and education and Tribal leaders to explore the educational needs of Alaska Native and American Indian students within the Chugach Region. We are exploring:

  • What does student success and support look like?
  • What does support look like for our teachers and schools?
  • What does support look like for parents and caregivers to help their children?
  • What does integrating Chugach Regional Values and Ways of Knowing within schools look like?

With community input we will work together to answer these questions and support student success in school and beyond.

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