Welcome to our Inaugural Newsletter! 

Welcome to our inaugural issue of our We Work Together newsletter! Our goal with this newsletter is to create something that is beneficial to our readers and is just one way that we will be sharing our work as well as what is going on in our communities that is related to education. We will share through a bi-monthly schedule to ensure that our communication is never overwhelming and that the content is relevant.

As with most things that we do, we also view the creation of our own newsletter as a great opportunity to experiment. We will welcome any feedback and will seek to continually improve with each issue. It is through this ongoing experiment that we look to gain more knowledge, insight and ideas around education that we will share with our communities.

In the attached issue we cover:

• Our staff
• A letter from Mark Hiratsuka
• What the data shows
• A parents’ corner
• Contacting us
• Coronavirus

Here’s the link to our newsletter, which is a PDF document and will open in a new window:

We Work Together Newsletter Spring 2020

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